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New Accu Coder Mod 755A- $121.95-Free Shipping

Incremental Shaft Encoder, 250 CPR-Quadrature Output A & B- 18" Cable, Hollow Bore Flex Mount- Will Accept 3/8 " Shaft.  2 Available.

New ABB Reversing Contactor- $129.95- Free Shipping

6 Available, Came in bulk packaging so not in original box.

Model # AS09-30-01-16, 120 Volt Coil, Rated 690 Volt, 22 Amps

New Euchner Safety Switch- $329.00 - Free Shipping

Unicode Cable Switch 24 VDC with 5M Wire Front Release and 2- M12 Connectors

Not in original box. Model # CET3-AP-CRA-AH-SOX-SI-C2290-121367- 2 Available

New Hallmark DC Gearmotor, 170 RPM, 46 VDC, TENV -$ 125.00 Free Shipping

Hallmark DC Motor, 39W, 170 RPM, 46 VDC, TENV Enclosure, Right Angle Output, 20 mm Shaft, also Has Encoder Shaft.25mm. 3 Point Mount Thru Holes, Reversible, 20 Available

New Leeson DC Motor, 1 HP, 3000 RPM, 120 VDC- $139.95

Brand New, in original packaging, Face Mounted, Encoder Shaft,Keyed,  Shaft Diameter- 5/8 In. Reversible,

Model # C42D28NC5B, TENV, MPN-098155.00,  100 Available

New Baldor  AC , 1/1.5 HP Motor, 1425/1725 RPM, 1 Phase Motor- $139.95

Base-Mounted, Face-Mounted, Shaft Diameter- 5/8 Inch, 115/230 50 HZ, 115/230 60 HZ

Reversible,1425@50HZ, 1750@60HZ,Keyed Shaft Type, TEFC,Full Load Amps- 9.2/4.6

Model # 19E116W204C1, Capacitor Start

Note:-Craftsman Saw Retrofit- Replaces1 or 1.5 HP, 3450 RPM Craftsman Motor (16.7 Amps)

with Baldor Motor ( Increase Pulley Size ) Result- Double The Torque, Reduce Starting and Running Current By 40% ( No more dimming lights ) Motor will not become impacted with sawdust due to being totally enclosed.

20 Available

New 1.5 HP Lenze Gear/ Brake Motor, 1.1 KW- $ 594.95- Free Shipping

Lenze Gear/Brake Motor A/C, 1.1 KW, 1.5 HP, 265/460 Volt, 3 Phase, 1740 RPM. 

Gearbox output RPM-103.2@ 60 HZ,Brake-24 VDC

5 Available

New 2.2 HP Lenze Gear/ Brake Motor 1.5 KW $594.95 Free Shipping

Lenze Gear/Brake Motor A/C, 1.5 KW, 2.2 HP, 265/460 Volt, 3 Phase, 1745 RPM, Gearbox Output RPM- 115.5@ 50 HZ, Brake- 24 VDC

New Tornado Floor Burnisher/Glazer -1.5 HP, 20"- $ 600.00

Local Pick up only

Preassembled- No Box, Brush & Pad Type- Disc Walk Behind, 1600 RPM,

Model # 98458, Easy access to motor and internal components, completely enclosed motor, 115 Volt

Motor height-22:, Rotary disk path-20".

Contact us for available inspection at our shop in Grayslake- Monday thru Friday-8:00a.m.-5:00p.m.

New Myers Sump Pump


Model # MS33D10

1/3 HP, 115 Volt, 3.9 Amps

Energy Efficient, 10 Foot Cord, Diaphgram Presuure switch

3 Available

Local Pick up or Can Be Shipped at Buyers Expense. Approximately 17 Lbs.

Fasco D712

Fasco D712-PSC,  1-1/2-1/3 HP Direct Drive Blower Motor

New Old Stock- $209.00

5.6 " Diameter, 115 Volt, 1075 RPM, 3 Speed, 11.8-6.3-3.9 Amps. 

Enclosure- Open vent, Reversible, Sleeve Bearing, Single phase, Shaft- 1/2" x 6", Automatic Thermal Protection.

 Can be shipped for additional charge.

Quantity Available-1

Allen Bradley Dtam Plus Operator Interface  Panel

$309.95- Free Shipping

Factory reconditioned- ImmaculateCondition

Model # 2707-L8P1X Series C



Century BV91 Pool Pump Motor 1 HP, 3450 RPM, 115 Volt, Single Phase, 1 Speed, 

$149.95- Can be shipped for additional charge, Quantity Available-1

New Old Stock, Auto Overload, V48Y Round frame, ODP, Rotation- Clockwise Pump End, 

Ball Bearing, Thermally Protected, No Base, Service Factor-1

    Stock Photo Used

New Bluffton  1/8 HP,  Single Phase,  60 HZ,  1140 RPM, 115 Volt Motor, 56 Frame

$117.95- Can be shipped for additional charge. Quantity Available-2

Model # 4101007410



NEW AO Smith / Century BN62 Pool Pump Motor 

$348.95- Can be shipped for additional charge. Quantity Available-1

3 HP, 230 Volt, 3450 RPM, 48Y Frame, Shaft-3/8" Threaded

Standard Pool Pump Motor, Suitable for Above Ground Pools and Hot Tubs

UPC# 663001321347

Stock Photo Used

New Leeson DC Motor- $179.95

1 HP, 3000 RPM, 120 VDC, TENV, with mounting Base 56CZ

Shaft Diameter- 5/8", Shaft Type- Keyed with Encoder Shaft-.32 x 1.25, Reversible

TENV, Permanent Magnet, Face Mount with mounting base 56CZ Multiple Quantities Available

10 Available. Can be shipped for an additional charge

Wiring- Black, White- 0-120 Volys DC, Green- Ground, Blue- Thermal Overload ( use is optional )

New Century BN24 Pool Pump Motor  $144.95

3/4 HP, 9.4 Amps, 115 Volt, 3450 RPM, 48Y Frame-Quantity Available-1, Can be shipped for an additional Fee

Service Factor-1, 60 HZ, Split Phase, Rotation Clockwise, ODP, 48Y Frame

UPC # 663001291589

Stock Photo Used

New Old Stock- Fasco D1101 Evaporator Coil and Refrigeration Motor $65.00

Quantity Available-2, Can be shipped for an additional charge

Shaded Pole, 1/20 HP, 115 Volt, 1500 RPM, 1.9Amps, 3.3" Diameter, Single Speed, 60 HZ, 

Motor Length-2-3/4", Open Ventilated, Rotation CCW, Thermal Protected, Sleeve Bearing



New Old Stock Magnetek C661 Condensor Fan Motor  $95.00

 Quantity Available- 2,   Can be shipped for extra charge
3/4 HP, 1075 RPM, 56Y Frame, 460/200-230 Volt, 1 Phase, 1.9/4.0-3.8A

New Old Stock Marathon C646 $149.95

2 Available  Can be shipped for additional charge

1/4 HP, 1725 RPM, 48 Frame, 115/230Volt, Explosion Proof, Reversible

1/2" Shaft with Flat, 4.2/2.1 Amps, Single Phase

AEG BMD-G3 Cast Aluminum Push Button Enclosure, 3 Hole  $54.95

4 Available, Can be shipped for additional charge

New Cast Aluminum Push Button Enclosure, 3 Hole, 22mm. Nema 4/12 rating, 

Length-7 3/4", Width- 3 1/2", Height 4", comes with NPT Adaptor